Kyla Jenson

Sales Associate


About me

I have a B.A. in Legal Studies and a master’s degree in Public Administration.  Before I began practicing real estate, I had a career I loved working as a legal assistant for Wilson Law Group, LLC, a local firm with an emphasis on Estate Planning.  When my husband and I began our family, I decided to stay at home and pursue a master’s degree in Public Administration.  This academic pursuit and current events of the day culminated into a deep interest and respect for private property rights.  Our nation’s historical protection of private property rights and recognition of its importance in the pursuit of happiness is unique.  It makes sense.  If you have some sweat in the game, if you own something, you are going to be more invested in taking care of it!

What can I do and what can you do?

The current market- comparable properties with similar features in a property’s immediate area- is one of the largest determining factors in setting a marketable price.  Assessing current market conditions with clients helps them to understand how their properties compare to others on the current market.  After meeting with clients, viewing their property, and listening to what they love and dislike about their homes, I develop a marketing plan that will work best for their unique property

Marketing Plan Questions:

1.       Who are the buyers?

2.       How can I market this property to these buyers?

Clients must also roll up their sleeves. I provide clients with suggestions and to-do’s of what they can do to uniquely position their home and make it stand out from the competition.  Little things can make a big difference!  I ask clients to try to look at their property from a buyer’s perspective.  What can they do to give buyers confidence and peace of mind about their property?  Peace of mind goes a long way!

Why previous clients refer me

It is important for buyers and sellers to be appropriately matched with their agents.  The clients that are the best fit to work with me are people who value private property and also value other people.  I do not want to facilitate a transaction where either party has remorse or feels taken advantage of.  In my experience, I have been very fortunate to work with clients that share these values.  I work very hard for each client to attain results they can feel good about.

John B – “Kyla was a great communicator, bridging the gap between the many people involved”

“Since most people buy or sell a home only once a decade, having someone who knows the processes and are able to explain the processes to us was very valuable.”

If you are contemplating selling your home and would like more information, please feel welcome to contact me.  I look forward to working with you!