Selling Tips


1. Resurface or seal cracks in the driveway and sidewalk for initial first impression

2. Front door updated for curb appeal, replace or paint as needed

3. Update garage doors, automatic openers a bonus

4. Put in a new flower bed, green up the lawn, trim trees and replace any grown bushes in front yard

5. Power wash your siding and deck, repaint the trim or, if needed, the whole house.

6.  Replace shingles that show signs of aging

7. Clean out gutters

8. Clean exterior vents that have cobwebs, debris or bird nests

9. Clean windows and sills


10. Fresh paint on interior walls using neutral colors. Touch up scuff marks and patch nail holes.

11. De-clutter- keep it open and clean looking

12. Check light fixtures for working and matching bulbs

13. Eliminate offensive odors- don’t mask them, get to root of problem

14. Plumbing fixtures in working order, repair leaks

15. Clean or replace furnace filters. Wipe down mechanicals as buyers will be looking at these items.

16. Oil any squeaky hinges

17. Brighten dull basement and storage areas with paint and high watt light bulbs

18. Clean basement and garage, remove cobwebs

19. Wipe down all surfaces and appliances

20. Bathrooms should sparkle! Stains in the tub or sink can turn buyers off

21. Open the curtains and let the light shine in

22. Clean out the closets and cabinets, less is more now days!

23. Create a sense of welcoming! Welcome mat, fresh flowers and potted plants can help